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The American Religious Experience Project encourages research and publication of American religion manuscripts and images on the World Wide Web. The project directors welcome manuscript submissions from instructors, students, and avocational scholars that inform our understanding and appreciation of American Religions. We hope that the site will eventually reflect the American religious landscape's remarkable diversity.

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American Religious Experience

International Students
Examine Religions in America


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During his 2016 Fulbright Specialist Lectureship in the Institute of Sociology, Pazmany Peter University in Budapest, the American Religious Experience Director asked his students to write brief papers on the topic of the Sociology and History of American Religions. Students from Hungary, France, Germany, and Mexico contributed to this unique project: International Students Examine Religions in the United States.

The project was made possible with generous support from the US Fulbright Scholar Program, the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars, the Hungarian Fulbright Commission, the Faculty of the Institute of Sociology at Pazmany Peter Catholic University and the Department of History at West Virginia University.

These articles are works in progress.  Students had limited access to religion in America sources. Views expressed reflect the opinions of each student author.  Articles will begin appearing in April and May 2016.

Click here to view the student articles.

Book Reviews

Other Features
  • Judith Weisenfeld, Gods of the City: Religion in New York (After 9/11)

  • Michael Ferber, Denominational Mountain Religion: A History of the Free Methodist Movement in West Virginia
  • Edward Kilsdonk, Religious Groups, Benevolent Organizations, and American Pluralism
  • Matthew W. Backes, Lyman Beecher and the Problem of Religious Pluralism in the Early American Republic

  • Chris Beneke, From Many, One: The Religious Origins of American Identity   

  • Randall J. Stephens, Assessing the Roots of American Pentecostalism: A Historiographic Essay

  • John Hicks, The Political Subsistence of the Religious Right: Why the Christian Right Survives and Does Not Thrive

  • Benjamin C. Ray, Witchcraft in Salem Village Project. In Association with the Danvers Archival Center
  • Charles Harper and Bryan LeBeau, Social Change and Religion in America: Thinking Beyond Secularization

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