Religious Studies 128, Spring 2000
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History 111, Fall 1999
Online Syllabus

The projects at this site were completed by students in Dr. Briane Turley's Religious Studies 128: American Religious History classes.  Projects from History 111, Religion and Culture in the U.S. South are forthcoming.  Students without access to an HTML editor are allowed to submit a research paper or review to be posted on the World Wide Web; those with HTML editing capabilities are permitted to compose their own web sites.  This page and the projects included on it were written for educational uses only; in all cases, responsibility for the information contained in these projects rests with the stud
ents themselves and not with Briane Turley or West Virginia University. 

Review of Christine Heyerman's Southern Cross, William Bunner

Sheldon's In His Steps as Classical Liberalism by Adrin Raikes

Native American Religions by David Ruvolo