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History 493K, American Religious History

Q. What will I need to take this course?

A. Before registering for History 493K, you will need the following:

America Online Instant Messenger 4.3. This download is not required, but it is recommended for students wishing to participate in "virtual office hours" or audio conversations with the instructor.

To best view this site:
--Use a monitor that will display a resolution of 800x600 or higher.
--Keep speakers on and the volume up.

The following is a checklist of the MINIMAL hardware and software that you will need to participate.

Minimal Suggested Hardware

PC Compatible Computer

Apple Macintosh Computer

ball.gif (64 bytes)Intel Pentium (or equivalent) processor ball.gif (64 bytes)Power Macintosh G3 or Performa (with PowerPC processor)
ball.gif (64 bytes)200 MHZ processor speed ball.gif (64 bytes)24 MB of memory
ball.gif (64 bytes)32 MB of memory ball.gif (64 bytes)Color Monitor
ball.gif (64 bytes)Color Monitor ball.gif (64 bytes)28.8 bps fax/modem (56K recommended)
ball.gif (64 bytes)28.8 bps fax/modem (56K recommended) ball.gif (64 bytes)Video card with 4 MB of RAM
ball.gif (64 bytes)Video Card with 4 MB of RAM ball.gif (64 bytes)Capability to play back sound
ball.gif (64 bytes)16 bit Windows compatible sound card and speakers  

*Minimal Suggested Software (PC or Macintosh)

ball.gif (64 bytes)Netscape or Internet Explorer Web Browser version 4.0x or better.  Free from Netscape or Microsoft.

ball.gif (64 bytes)RealPlayer plug-in.  Free from RealNetworks.

*Please keep in mind these specifications are the suggested minimum recommendations for what you would need to take an online course.   Increased processor speed, modem speed, video RAM, or system RAM will only improve your ability to access the online course materials.

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