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American Religious Experience

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History 493K American Religious History

Welcome to History 493K ONLINE! The course is a thematic survey of historically noteworthy religious movements and events in the United States. To learn more about content materials, visit the course syllabus.

On-line students experience many of the same features enjoyed by on-campus students. Students will participate in reading assignments, threaded discussions, interactive audio and text-based chats, and "virtual office hours" in which they may interact directly with the instructor or a Graduate Assistant. On-line students also view the same educational videos that are presented on campus. They even participate in a "virtual field trip" to several graveyards in West Virginia. In addition, they have an option of receiving their course materials in either text or audio lecture modes.

As is the case with many on-campus courses, History 493K requires that the student be highly disciplined and motivated. This course offers considerable flexibility for the completion of assignments, yet like students taking American Religious History at the Morgantown campus, on-line students must meet certain deadlines in order to complete the course successfully.

Before registering for this course, prospective students should respond to this brief questionaire (requires Flash).

WVU LogoThis course is made possible with support from the WVU Division of Extended Learning and the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences